About Us...

Mike Curphy Distillery is a small craft distillery founded in 2015. Our goal is to produce fine quality products for the more discriminating taste.  Our recipes come from Isle of Man (between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland) as told by my grandfather.  I am the eighth generation distiller of quality corn whiskey.

We have two distinct products we produce at this time. 

The first product we produce is “Uisge-Beatha,” (pronounced “Ooshky Bayha”) a Celtic term for “Water of Life.” This is a young single malt whiskey that is aged for only a short period of time.  We age our “Uisge-Beatha” as my ancestors did, creating a very smooth, rich full-bodied flavor single malt whiskey product distinct to my family’s traditions.

At Mike Curphy Distillery, we take great pride in keeping the “Family Tradition” alive, making a single malt whiskey in a single barrel.  We do not blend barrels to achieve mass production that others use today.  We only bottle when the flavors reach the optimal point our “Uisge-Beatha” is known for.

The second product is labeled, “PD-101” a very smooth authentic “Premium American Whiskey” in an assortment of flavors bottled at a 101 proof, having delightful aromatic aroma and clean corn whiskey taste.

We use only the best quality grains available ensuring the clean rich flavors of our products.  We hand‑toast the woods used in our barrels to ensure the clean rich oak flavors in every bottle produced.

Please remember to always drink responsibly and to “Always Enjoy Life!”